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Procedures of a Beard Transplant

Stages of a Beard Transplant

Beard and moustache which are of great importance to some men and indispensable for others can now be transplanted onto the face using the same techniques that are used in a hair transplant. When transplanting hair to the face it is possible to use the FUE technique without having to cut the hair completely.
Small windows that are opened in the neck area without cutting off the hair can then camouflage the reception area with the other hair afterwards. If you wish, the hair can be transplanted to the bald areas on the face using the DHI method without shaving the beard and mustache area. Professionalism in the transplantation of beard and mustache is very important, since there is no turning back afterwards and the grafting has to be adapted to your own facial features.
We may also support our beard and mustache transplants, which vary from person to person and are specific to each person, with PRP treatment. After 10 days of rest, you can return to your normal life.

Method used

The method for beard and mustache transplantation is the FUE method, just like the eyebrow transplantation. The grafts removed from the neck using the FUE method are transplanted into the area to be transplanted after opening the canal. The main elements of beard and mustache transplanting are the drawings. You can get a completely natural look with the drawing, without affecting your facial features and facial expressions.

Steps of Beard Transplant

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Disclaimer: Please be aware that not every person is the same and each individual may have different experiences and varying results depending on their circumstances. Largely our clients will say this is a pain free experience, this is determined on a client to client basis based upon each person’s own pain threshold. We take the greatest care in each procedure undertaken to ensure that our clients understand all possible outcomes and risks involved prior to the procedure.