Hair Transplantation

Our nurses & doctors use the latest technique called FUE.
Keeping the pain threshold to a minimum. Giving you a
painless & seemless experience.

Our nurses & doctors use the latest technique called FUE. Keeping the pain threshold to a minimum. Giving you a painless & seemless experience.

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    Procedures of a Hair Transplant

    Hair Transplant Packages

    After you have your operation, you need some time to heal also, not like most of the other aesthetic surgeries, hair transplant results are not seen as soon as you have the surgery.


    €3499 All Included


    €3999 All Included


    €2499 All Included

    Client Testimonials

    Dan Plant
    Absolutely great experience from start to finish. The procedure itself was made so easy by the surgeon and his team. They made me feel at ease from the minute I stepped foot in the clinic. Most importantly the months after the procedure when I got back home they were extremely helpful, any questions or queries I had were answered. They were very quick with their replies which again made me feel at ease.
    Dean Murphy
    I would highly recommend this brand to anyone that is looking to get a hair transplant. The surgeons and nurses are top class and are very fair when it comes to pricing. For me the thought of getting the procedure was worse than getting the procedure. Once you make up your mind I can guarantee you will not regret it.

    Best Hair Transplant Operation in Turkey


    Get Your Natural Hair Back and Enjoy Your Time In Istanbul !


    Maximum 8 Hours Only For Getting Your Lost Hair Back Again !

    100% PAINLESS

    We Own The Leadership In Using The Sedation Technique !


    By Implementing FUE or DHI Technology (Choi Pens) !


    Hygenic and Latest Technology and Equipment, JCI Certified Hospital
    Disclaimer: Please be aware that not every person is the same and each individual may have different experiences and varying results depending on their circumstances. Largely our clients will say this is a pain free experience, this is determined on a client to client basis based upon each person’s own pain threshold. We take the greatest care in each procedure undertaken to ensure that our clients understand all possible outcomes and risks involved prior to the procedure.